10000 Gauss self-cleaning grate magnets proving effective

Supplier: Magnattack Global
06 March, 2013

Magnattack has successfully installed a number of self-cleaning grate magnet systems in a variety of applications including, cereals, wheat, dairy powder and rice.

The design of the 10000 gauss self-cleaning grate magnets allows for continuous cleaning of metal fragments from dry products such as grain and powder, using the Magnattack™ 10000 gauss, self-cleaning system.

Manually cleaned grate magnets are no longer needed in many applications following the development of a self-cleaning grate magnet system for continuous removal of metal contamination in the past, most attempts made for self-cleaning grate magnets have failed as they have consisted of un-hygienic sleeve designs that jam easily when introduced to dusty and harsh environments. This revolution in self-cleaning grate magnets is easily fitted into existing magnet locations both on very small to very large applications.

The 10000 gauss self-cleaning grate magnet is configured to clean automatically, either continuously or at intervals depending on the volume of metal being collected on the grate magnet. Parameters can be set using computerised internal control systems of the company or factory in which it is installed. The self-cleaning design allows for continuous separation of metal with no need for operators to clean the grate magnet, also making the system very useful for OH&S reasons.

Special patented facilities are incorporated which compensate and minimise abrasive wear and loss of magnetic strength over time. High intensity, Magnattack™ self-cleaning grate magnets are becoming the preferred option in magnetics in the food industry as they reduce risks of metal contamination caused by operator failure to clean and reduce man hour costs of the previously time consuming task of cleaning magnets.

The Magnattack™ self-cleaning grate magnet system can be configured in full grate systems or in twin or single bar operations for conveyor discharges or small chutes.