A wavelength ahead with the SUHNER ROTOmax

Supplier: Suhner
26 September, 2016

Those who have polished or finished sophisticated metal components know that it is not easy to keep the tool speed constant at a high grinding/polishing performance.

The arms start to feel heavy when using hand-held devices after a time, making it difficult to achieve an evenly clean grinding pattern.

There is a machine that puts things right: the SUHNER ROTOmax with a flexible shaft.

As the name implies, ROTOmax is a machine with maximum output and high tractive power.
The drive motor and tool are separated from each other. This offers a lot of power for sensitive, fatigue-free work. 

All-round talent with many possibilities

Due to the flexible shaft concept, a variety of work can be performed professionally with a single machine. Lightning-fast, exchangeable manual units convert ROTOmax into an angle grinder, straight grinder, angle polisher, belt sander or tube polisher or make it suitable for grinding in tool and mold making.

Due to this versatility, ROTOmax is used in many industries:- From Metal Manufacturing through Jewelry, Casting, architectural metalwork and on to Glass, Concrete and Stone polishing. It is perfectly suitable for the surface treatment of stainless steel in particular with applications such as Balustrades, Commercial Kitchen benchtops and food production equipment.

An all-rounder when it comes to reliability, power and sensitivity.

ROTOmax 1.5 and 3.5 – Two for every application

The machine is available in two output classes: 1.5 kW and 3.5 kW. According to the model, the speed can be regulated electronically in increments of 100 from 500 to 25,000 rpm at the press of a button. This fine incrementation guarantees that the right speed is always available no matter what abrasive is used.
The combination of the powerful industrial motor with electronics guarantees a high torque at constant speeds for every application. In practice, this means perfect results in the form of evenly clean grinding patterns. This is a significant advantage when it comes to high-quality components with complicated surfaces, such as those that occur in the machining of stainless steel.

ROTOmax 1.5 - 15Amp single phase -  Inverter

Even in the case of its many design variants, ROTOmax meets all kinds of requirements. It is available with a stand, as a space-saving suspended model or with a special trolley that offers mobility in the workshop. As a professional machine, ROTOmax is designed for hard, continuous operation and a long service life (ROTOmax 3.5 is available only with a movable trolley).

ROTOmax 3.5 - 10Amp 3 Phase 

Intelligent motor management safeguards a high level of work safety for the operator and the machine. If the machine becomes overloaded or overheated,
it switches off automatically and enters the cooling mode.

Additional special features include smooth starting, an active brake, an anti long coastdown function, optional manual and foot switching, a controlled turn-on inhibit, two shaft outputs (ROTOmax 3,5), automatic saving of speeds when changing the shaft, easy operation and an LED display of the speeds.

SUHNER provides an exceptionally broad range of abrasives for almost every application, machine and tool.

In addition, the manufacturer offers a particularly valuable, free service:-On-site application consulting.
This means that a technical consultant visits the customer upon request to determine the ideal combination of machine, tool, abrasive and grinding process for the customer’s current application.

We are happy to provide you with further information upon request.