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Active accident prevention with knife safety levels

Supplier: MARTOR Australia By: Jennifer Cobban
10 April, 2017

Cutting without risks is somewhat of a contradiction. Since our first safety knife was introduced onto the market in 1976, we have been driven by the desire to resolve this contradiction.

With our customers in mind, MARTOR has introduced three safety levels. These levels, which are Concealed Blade, Fully Automatic Blade Retraction, and Automatic Blade Retraction, allows you to decide which MARTOR safety technology fits best to your requirements for cutting safety in your workplace.

The three safety technologies are as follows: 


The blade is not open but concealed, and therefore the cutting edge is shielded from you and the packaged goods. Giving you a maximum degree of safety from cut injuries whilst cleverly protecting your goods.


The intelligent cutting tool: as soon as the blade leaves the material being cut, it withdraws automatically into the handle. Even when you keep on pressing the slider or the handle. That is what we call “a very high degree of safety “. 


Thumbs up for a high degree of safety. As soon as you start cutting, remove your thumb from the slider and the blade will disappear into the handle the moment it loses contact with the material being cut. 

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