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Active Weighing Solutions

Active Weighing Solutions | Weighing, Bagging Bulk Materials & Powders

Active Weighing Solutions

Active Weighing Solutions is a dynamic weighing equipment specialist with more than 20 years experience in weighing equipment design, manufacture and maintenance. Whether its bulk material blending, batching, bagging or simply weighing, we have the depth of knowledge and expertise to offer best possible solutions. .

From supply only through to full turnkey solutions, the Active Weighing Solutions range includes belt weighers, weigh belt conveyors and feeders, weigh screw feeders, impact weighers, loss in weight systems, in process weighers, batch weighers, bag/sack filling lines, bulk bag unloading and filling systems, and fully automated systems including robotic palletising.
Our strength lies not only in the quality of the equipment, but the total package. We offer a complete professional service from initial specification, design and manufacture, through to commissioning.
Our engineers work with clients to achieve the most effective solution for each application – whether monitoring, controlling, blending, batching, loading, unloading or bagging.
Our engineers and service technicians deliver ongoing support and maintenance servicing.
Active Weighing Solutions engineered solutions take into account product material handling properties, operational requirements, occupational health and safety, economic considerations and ongoing maintenance ease. We tailor our service to your requirement, from supply only through to complete turnkey solutions.
Active Weighing Solutions weighing machinery is proven in a broad spectrum of industries, including Foods, Grains, Plastics, Chemicals, Quarries, Mining and Recycling.

* Australian Agent for EMC Weigh Controllers and Indicators
* Australasian Agent for Pacepacker Fully Automated Bagging Systems

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To request more information, please contact us on 03 9873 7677.

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