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Bi-tron Lubrication

Bi-tron Lubrication | Fuel & Maintenance Reduction

Bi-tron Lubrication

"The Outstanding; Genuine & Original Bitron Lubrication Products from Brian Rogers Engineering"

Bitron Treatment are the most economic and fuel saving penetrating lubricants that reduces the smoke emissions by improving combustion, hence power and performance.

The molecules of a metal have positive nucleus at their centre. Inside the orbit, around nucleus are electrons with a negative charge, which is the reason why the outer surface of a metal has an overall negative charge.

A stylized molecule of Bitron has an overall positive charge. The positively charged molecules of Bitron gets attracted and anchored to the metal’s negatively charged surface.

This creates a uniform layer of Bitron over the entire metal surface. If there are any areas of hydrocarbon or rust build-up, the Bitron treats it due to a greater affinity for the metal. This has the effect of displacing the accumulated particles from the metal surface. Without this protection, the asperities or peaks of the metal surface will heat up rapidly when they move close to one another causing friction.

At these higher temperatures, normal oil, which is subject to thermal viscosity breakdown, will become thin and disperse, leaving the metal surfaces exposed.

When the two surfaces collide, the impact will break one of the asperities which will become a "wear particle".

With the presence of Bitron, the incidence of this is reduced. Bitron is anchored to the metal surface protecting it from thermal viscosity breakdown and providing the lubrication. This allows the metal surfaces to slide smoothly over one another. In fact, when metal heats up, the molecules vibrate rapidly, freeing up even more negative charge. As a result, the positively charged Bitron will be attracted to those areas needing the most protection. Bitron Metal Treatment is highly recommended for cost effective, fuel enhancement solutions for gearboxes, trucks, farm & heavy machinery, power steering and motor vehicles.

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Bob Williamson - Founder & Chair of Greenhouse Neutral Foundation

"Bitron is at the forefront of technological advance to reduce the emissions created by the use of fossil fuels in transport and machinery applications. Efficiencies achieved with the addition of the Bitron product provide the end user with an environmental footprint that is vastly reduced and hence the overall environmental impact and the reductions of climate changing greenhouse gases associated with the burning of fossil fuels are greatly reduced.

The Foundation applauds and similarly endorses those who are taking a proactive stance to address this pressing global concern of reducing CO2 discharge. A close relationship has been formed with Bitron as a 'Green Partner' of the Foundation. We would wish this at this time in discussions between Bitron and the Government of Fiji for our endorsement of Bitron to be publicly stated. The Government of Fiji may indeed see its nation's overall emissions output in the international perspective of total global emissions as of minor concern. However, the fact that the Government is addressing this with such focus exemplifies leadership that many other nations worldwide, large and small, should envy.

The Foundation applauds the Fiji Government and all those associated with bringing this benchmark emissions reduction project and the Bitron product implementation to fruition. The Foundation supports initiatives in the reduction of emissions through its international supporters such as the United Nations Environment Program and other global connections."

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