Case Study: Aquabait worm farm tank waterproofing

Supplier: Australian Urethane Systems
15 December, 2011

The owner of Aqua-Bait was involved with the research and development of marine worm cultivation for the fishing bait market.

Client: Aquabait Pty Ltd
Product: POLYEURO® MPL-11
Area: 5000 square metres
Completion: November 2002

On-site requirements

  • Provide a rapid cure competively priced membrane
  • Provide long term and seamless waterproofing protection to the besser block side
  • walls and geo-textile floor
  • Provide a membrane that was harmless to marine worms

Product requirements and benefits:

  • Fast cure, tough, resilient and highly elastomeric
  • Low permeability
  • Seamless application of the coating system to the besser block walls and geo-textile floor
  • Harmless to marine worms
  • Resistance to saltwater

The company supplies fishing bait direct to the fishermen from the use of intensive aqua culture.

The company uses large ponds that are constructed from Besser blocks for marine worm cultivation.

These tanks are lined with POLYEURO MPL-11. The client chose this coating system due to the low permeability it exhibits and toughness when combined with geo textile fabric.

After constructing the sides of the ponds with Besser blocks, the fabric was layered on to the ground and tacked to the besser block sides, and then POLYEURO MPL-11 was sprayed directly on to the geo textile fabric. A very fast, waterproof, puncture proof tank with a seamless lining was the result.

The POLYEURO MPL-11 is a general purpose spray applied aromatic hybrid polyurea system with moderate to excellent chemical resistant to acids and alkalis. This coating withstands constant contact with salt water and will provide the client with a trouble free pond lining for many years. The client was able to complete the job in minimal time and in the presence of low moisture levels on the fabric because of the excellent hydrophobic properties of this polyurea system.

Excellent adhesion was also obtained due to the exothermic reaction between Side-A and Side-B which forced the moisture out of the fabric.

To prove its superiority and functionality, this customer is committed to using the POLYEURO MPL- 11 system when he expands his farm in the near future.