Coal applications

Supplier: Goodwin Submersible Pumps Australia
19 April, 2018

The initial design of the Goodwin submersible slurry pump came from working closely with British Coal, when the coal washing industry was still thriving in the UK.

They set a design brief to Goodwin with the task of eliminating the problems that they had with their existing submersible pumps to allow them to utilise Goodwin pumps in both the dense medium and baum jig processes, the five main problems that they experienced were eliminated by Goodwin addressing the following points:

  • Develop a motor enclosure which would eradicate the potential for the electric motor overheating & burning out.
  • Develop an electric motor with reserves of power for direct on line starting to overcome the issue of settled solids in sumps
  • Develop a design of an integral agitator to break down and re-suspend settled solids
  • Develop and position a mechanical seal which was not subjected to pumped media pressure
  • Develop a cable gland entry system which prevented the cable being pulled out of the gland and had a terminal enclosure quite separate from the motor enclosure

By addressing these points Goodwin overcame the traditional problems that used to be experienced with normal submersible slurry pumps to become the market leading pump for heavy duty applications where other pumps fail.

After British Coal saw the advantages of the Goodwin submersible slurry pump, they found many other uses for them replacing equipment such as drag lines, earth moving machinery, conveyor belt systems, dense media mixing tanks which before using the Goodwin submersible slurry pump they never would have considered using a submersible pump because of the industry wide poor reliability problems.

There are a host of additional features that contribute to the reliability of this Submersible Slurry Pump in the most demanding environments, some of which are shown on other application examples, to see all of them please contact us so that we can send a full brochure and arrange to come and visit you.