Coloured Swingflex doors

Supplier: DMF International
20 March, 2009

Flexible PVC Swingflex doors are a common door type for climate control areas. DMF can provide the option of coloured finish to the PVC panels.

DMF International Pty Ltd has been at the forefront of the flexible door industry for over 40 years, and is Australia’s largest exporter of these types of specialised doors. Used for maintaining the operating environments in many applications, over the years DMF has developed and refined an assortment of flexible PVC doors.

Swingflex Doors are an impact type door, designed for pedestrians or forklift traffic. They swing in both directions, and have concealed adjustable torque springs which return the doors to the closed position. The main benefits of the flexible PVC panels, is that operation is quiet, and safe for operators.

To enhance the performance and aesthetics of this product., DMF can provide coloured laminate finishes to the panel, which not only provide a new look to the door, but this laminate also provides additional strength to the PVC panel. This can be applied to the whole panel, or just to a section, which is the more common.
The laminate is a polyester reinforced PVC film which gives the panel  anti-tear properties, and comes with UV and fire retardants.

For not much more in cost, this option provides a great option for the Swingflex doors.
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