Fluxys Gas Plant: Pre-heat pipe work application project

Supplier: Field Machine Tools
07 April, 2014

Field Machine Tools assists Fluxys Gas Plant with pre-heat pipe work applications.

Project Outline:

Our remit was to pre-heat 30” welds on pipe spools for the new gas plant being built for Fluxys. The required pre-heat temperature was 100°C. We were awarded the contract on grounds of safety and speed. Each weld had to be monitored during welding.

Project Location:

Fluxys Gas Plant Nr. Brugge Belgium

Project Date:

April to May 2007

Equipment used:

7 x 20kw RHS Induction Heating Machines 7 x 80ft Induction Heating Cables
7 x 50ft Induction Heating Extension Cables


The project proved to be a great success. The welds were completed and we suffered no burns to welders or fires.

The client even tested the speed of application by bringing in a conventional resistance heat treatment company. We proved ourselves in a race.

We set up 7 welds and had them at temperature before the resistance company had completed the set up on 1 weld only. The resistance company also set fire to the bitumen coating.