Galvanised pallet scales for Cheetham Salt

Supplier: AccuWeigh By: Gary Bryant
18 July, 2011

Australian Made Galvanised Pallet Scales are used for weighing salt at Cheetham Salt’s plant at Sea Lake in country Victoria.

Supplied by Accuweigh’s Melbourne branch, the A500 pallet scales are manufactured using quality BPH steel and hot dip galvanised for strong corrosion resistance.Sainless steel load cells were fitted to Accuweigh’s galvanised pallet scales for increased corrosion protection from spilt salt which can build-up under the weighing deck of the pallet scales.
Accuweigh’s A500 pallet scales are suited for all industrial weighing applications and can be used in both above ground  and pit mounted weighing applications. A digital weight indicator with a high visibility display and full stainless steel housing is used to generate the weight readings of the pallet scales.
Other A500 Pallet Scales Advantages:
  • Fully manufactured in Australia using quality BHP steel
  • Extra heavy duty framework and cross bracing (3 struts, 75 x 50mm angle iron)
  • 6mm thick, heavy duty checker plate on pallet weighing surface
  • Fully hot dip galvanised for strong corrosion resistance
  • Clean loadcell mountings designed not to trap water or waste product
  • Full Stainless Steel pallets available at extra cost
Accuweigh is Australia’s largest industrial weighing company with branches in all mainland states providing professional service support on pallet scales and all weighing equipment, from lab balances to weighbridges.