High speed doors for mining

Supplier: DMF International By: SF
25 October, 2011

The use of high speed doors in mining and heavy industrial applications, can benefit greatly in control of EHS, especially in remote areas

The rapid action roll door is a popular product for controlling temperature and dust in food and warehouse applications, but is also a beneficial door type for the same purpose, for heavy industrial applications and mining.

With the increase in need for environmental and occupational health and safety control, DMF International, can supply and install a range of customised doors sizes for applications that require a highly durable design. Mine sites are generally quite remote in location, and in areas that are very hot and arid.

Workshops, and critical spares warehouses can benefit with high speed doors that will enable comfort for workers, and protect critical spares from dust contamination. Theses doors can even be used in some underground applications to dampen draft and dust flow.

DMF manufactures high speed action doors in Australia, and also is the exclusive representative for the Efaflex specialised range of high speed doors from Germany. All doors are custom made to size up to eight metres in height and ten metres in width, and have safety features as standard, to ensure safe operation and control.

The door panel material can be in either reinforced PVC, acrylic glass, thermal PU sections, or a heavy extruded aluminium, and depending on the model, can have wind capacities of up to 170km/h.

With clients such as Xstrata, BHP Billiton and Rio Tinto already using the DMF product, contact us today for a qualified assessment of your application.

Visit their website at www.dmf.com.au or phone 02 96365466