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Hose Burst and Protective Sleeves from Hardy Spicer

Supplier: Hardy Spicer
18 June, 2012

Hardy Spicer Protective Sleeve's ultra tight weave flexes, diffuses the energy and resists oil loss, reducing the risk of harm to personnel, machinery or the environment.

When a hose bursts, the fluid is released in an explosion of expanding energy. This release impacts the sleeve; the engaging fibres absorb the energy at the cross over points where the sleeve fibres are interwoven.

Hardy Spicer recommends that Hardy Spicer Protective Sleeve is firmly secured to the hose by a suitable clamping method.

Using the Hardy Spicer Protective Sleeving in abrasion protection applications will compromise the sleeve's burst protection properties.

Hose Burst Tests (Tested to 16,000 PSI burst: Testing conducted with 1/2" and 3/4" ID hoses) and Pin Hole Leak Tests (Tested to sustained 1mm 4000 PSI pin hole: Testing conducted with solid steel tube to ensure consistent 1mm pin hole) have been conducted using identical test parameters for both clamped and unclamped sleeves.  

The test shows that the selection of the correct sleeve sizing is most critical to achieve optimum energy and fluid containment.