Hydromine's mine water pressure reducing valves offer reduced downtime

Supplier: Dual Valves Australasia
19 November, 2015

The Hydromine range of mine water pressure reducing valves offered by Dual Valves Australasia feature a single moving part that is easily accessible for maintenance of the valve.

The valves are designed to handle a maximum inlet pressure of 250 bar (25 MPa) and are ideal for pressure reduction in underground mining applications.

"Hydromine's pressure reducing valves are designed to offer greatly reduced maintenance downtime, minimal operating costs and maximum system flexibility, and the simple design makes troubleshooting and repairs significantly easier compared with competing products" says Dual Valves' Justin Mirto. He explains that, by removing the valve’s end covers and extracting the shuttle, the seals can be replaced and the shuttle refitted to resume operations in a very short time. "No need to remove the valve out of the pipe line. No pressure reducing pilot valves, needle valves, isolating cock valves, dismantling of pilot lines, springs and diaphragms to deal with. It's so easy - simply remove one end cover, remove one moving part, replace the seals and reinstall - and the system is back up and running again in a few minutes".

As with all their product range, Hydromine applied their experience and understanding to design their pressure reducing valves specifically for underground mine water applications. The tamper proof design and reliable performance ensures that end-users can enjoy trouble-free operation for many years. All Hydromine valves are designed with this simple but effective philosophy, and their range includes valves for isolation and control application, including pressure reduction, pump discharge control, column drain and water-hammer prevention up to a maximum of 250 bar CWP.

Note: Hydromine™ products are available to Dual Valves Australasia through our relationship with our Principal - Hydromine Projects of South Africa, who has sole representation.