If you can't stand the heat

Supplier: Cutting Edges Equipment Parts
03 November, 2011

Maximum utilisation of machinery is an absolute priority for every company.

Operating equipment 24 hours, 7 days a week under these conditions can put extreme pressure on both the equipment and the Ground Engaging Tools.

One of the prime functions of this application is the handling of molten slag from the furnace to the crushing plant.

The slag, at temperatures in excess of 1500C is tipped into a cooling pit prior to processing.

Still at up to 900 degrees celsius, the slag is then moved through the cooling process by wheel loader and onto a truck for transfer to the crushing plant.

The extreme temperatures and abrasive conditions are very damaging to the equipment and maintenance down-time is always a major consideration in the economic viability of the project.

When we first became involved in this project the current system was working well and the company was happy with the productivity levels being achieved.

We were shown the extreme operating conditions and the maintenance difficulties that were being experienced and we knew this was going to be a challenge.

However, an opportunity to reduce costs further and improve productivity is always of interest. In projects such as this, Cutting Edges works closely with the management team of our client to develop a total solution.

The challenge in this case was to provide longer life wearparts and to increase the operating period between maintenance down-time.

Cutting Edges developed an improved supply system to ensure constant availability of equipment.

This further reduced down-time that was being caused by stock shortages when maintenance was being conducted. The resulting total solution increased wearparts life by up to 10% and ensured constant supply on site and ready for immediate use.

Following on from this successful solution our customer has increased the range of products from Cutting Edges such as CC1500 Wearplate for use in Hoppers and Chutes at their Crushing Plants.