Introducing a new cordless container seal cutter from Edilgrappa

Supplier: Stainelec Hydraulic Equipment
19 June, 2013

Edilgrappa's new MU16 Cordless Container Seal Cutters offer high levels of safety in addition to flexibility and portable convenience.

The MU16 is also suitable for use in rebar manufacturing, concrete industry, collapsed rescue work situations as well as cutting padlocks and bolts.

Compact in design and powerful in performance, Edilgrappa MU16 cordless rebar cutters produce 14 tonnes of hydraulic force to cut bolts, chains, rebars and padlocks.

The MU16 can be supplied with a protector guard on the front handle grip (for protection from flying particles) and a shoulder strap for easier support and OH&S compliance when using the cutter for container seal cutting.

Edilgrappa of Italy manufactures specialised cutting equipment including 700 bar high pressure hydraulic tools for use in rescue, construction and industrial applications.

Key features of Edilgrappa MU16 Cordless Rebar Cutters:

  • Designed for cutting hardened container seals
  • Special hardened tool steel blades with 3 cutting edges for rotation
  • Produces 14 tonnes of hydraulic force
  • 16mm bar cutting capacity with cutting speed of 6 seconds
  • Powered by 18 volt 3.5 A/Hour Ni-MH rechargeable battery
  • Available with 18 volt 2 A/Hour Li Ion rechargeable battery
  • ISO 9001 Quality Certificate
  • Available also with 230 volt electric motor