March Update and Why is SaaS is a Good Option?

Supplier: IPM Global By: Patrick Fielding
12 March, 2019

Reducing the capital cost when implementing Business Software is often the best way for a company to be able to afford World Class operational software.

Most of us are familiar with the recent changes to software retailing where, for example, Microsoft sells an annual subscription to products like Office 365 and you always have the latest version.

Key providers of construction industry software tools built on the products of companies like Microsoft have developed this further into the “SaaS” model which includes hosting (in the Microsoft cloud), with a monthly subscription.

When considered on a corporate level as an alternative to purchasing enterprise software, including multiple users, and upgrading internal hardware/infrastructure to accommodate it, the “SaaS” option offers a huge reduction in capital costs, which would normally be funded from cash on hand or a capital loan.

Now consider the situation at IPM, where we believe projects are best managed with a single tool, which sits between your estimating and scheduling tools and your (ERP) accounting system. The SaaS version of IPM, requiring only a connection to the internet via mobile device or desktop interface and Microsoft Office 365, provides a basis for you to collaborate, manage documents, control costs, view reporting dashboards, and manage field activities, HSE and resources/equipment…. all based on a single monthly subscription.

Typically, with enterprise software, in addition to the initial implementation/set-up costs, there are ongoing customisation costs. While implementation/set-up costs are unavoidable and must be paid up front, IPM users can customise documents, reports and workflow, as well as the user interface itself, using standard Microsoft tools.

Since the introduction of IPM 365 Cloud “SaaS” software, it has become apparent that the absence of a major capital cost at the commencement of a deployment has made it much easier for construction and contracting companies to make the decision to update to the latest project management tools.

At IPM, this approach, including the advantages of native integration to Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM, Microsoft Office 365, Power BI and SharePoint, optimizes efficiency and enables the highest standard of real time financial reporting and planning required to meet the unique requirements of the construction industry. It reduces costs and complexity, replacing 4 or 5 typically “standalone” tools, with a single integrated IPM “SaaS” solution.

IPM is available to test drive in Microsoft AppSource via the following link: .