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Measure six gases with one analyser

Supplier: Lear Siegler Australasia
09 March, 2010

The iMEGA CEMS Multi-Gas System utilises non-dispersive infrared (NDIR) optical filter technology to measure 5 gases in addition to oxygen measurement.

The iMEGA CEMS multi-gas analyser user interface is easier to use than ever. Constisting of a Model 60i multi-gas analyser, Model 61i multi-gas calibrator, Model 62i multi-gas probe controller and Model 600DL DataLOGGER this multi-gas analyser has 5 built-in moisture safeguards to ensure automatic and continuous moisture measurement via Infrared Absorption.

The iMEGA CEMS multi-gas system can be remotrely accessed through iPort software and is designed with easy to program short-cut keys that allow you to jump to frequently accessed function, menus and screens.

Expaned I/O functionality and connectivity capabilities on this multi-gas analyser make it easy to integrate any iSeries instrument into just about any plant operation. The iMEGA CEMS multi-gas system supports MODBUS and TCP/IP protocols as well as the iPort customer remote communications software package.
Source: Sales