Miller Air Pak - Get the advantage

Supplier: Welding Industries of Australia
04 December, 2015

The Miller Air Pak has built a reputation for serious reliability and outstanding performance.

The big news is that a new, even better Air Pak has just arrived. With dual operator capability, three phase power and even more weld and auxiliary power, it’s packed with everything you need to get the job done faster, plus reduce running costs.

Dual operator capability enables two operators to work off one power source. Two independent arcs offer up to 400 Amps each. 

With two operators able to work off one machine, the annual running costs per machine can be cut significantly by reducing engine servicing costs, fuel costs, compressor servicing and mine spec modifications. Dual operator capability also offers the potential to reduce truck size or the number of trucks needed for site work – just another cost saving.

Plus the Air Pak comes with three phase power. Now you can run lighting and tools onsite or an XMT Inverter, delivering three arcs up to 260 Amps each.

If you’re interested in reducing your initial capital investment on your next engine drive purchase, and cutting your ongoing running costs, the new Air Pak is worth a look.

For more info on the new Miller Air Pak click here.