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Mobile Mapping with OXTS Inertial Plus

Supplier: Industrial Measurement Solutions
14 November, 2011

With lidar (laser radar) becoming more common many Australian companies are finding the need for a cost effective INS GPS System to combine with other instrumentation to provide correcting information such as Pitch, Roll, Heading etc.

For many of our customers who already have survey grade GPS Systems, the Inertial+ is the ideal solution. Typically it is about providing small scale LIDAR surveys with high accuracy, at rock bottom pricing. The total system is ultra portable and can be deployed quickly and effectively in remote locations. The Inertial+ is a compact inertial navigation system; it uses gyros and accelerometers to measure position and orientation.

GPS is used to prevent the Inertial+ from drifting and when GPS is not available, or has poor accuracy, the Inertial+ can continue to measure accurately. For mobile laser scanning the orientation outputs of the Inertial+ are essential for geo-referencing the laser point cloud. There are many surveying activities that benefit from mobile laser scanning. Road monitoring and upgrading often require detailed information about the road and street furniture.

Power lines need regular monitoring; open face mines use laser scanning to estimate quantities of materials; more recently coast lines can be monitored for erosion by using mobile laser scanning, either from boats or aircraft. Our partner in this area is OxTS. OxTS is a small company dedicated to providing cost-effective Inertial and GPS Navigation Systems