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More about our Chemical Crushing Service and how it works

Supplier: Chemical Solutions
29 November, 2017

Over time, chemicals harden, clump together, or go lumpy. Whether it be due to long term storage or by being transported over great distances, this process can greatly reduce the efficiency of chemicals.

Chemical Solutions hold fast as an industry leader when it comes to providing quality chemical crushing and packaging. Our stainless-steel lump crushing equipment can make easy work breaking up chemicals from 25kg to 1000kg bulk bags. Agglomerated chemicals can be crushed or reduced to a powdered consistency as fine as 0.05mm, irrespective of their original form.

Reducing the efficiency of chemicals reduces the chemicals ability to catalyse or properly blend with other chemicals which underpins the importance of proper chemical solutions. 

How do we do it?

Using the latest equipment, our powerful crushing machine lets chemical lumps fall through grinding blades to break up and crush chemicals back into powder form. With all contact surfaces visible, our professional team can monitor the process, refining until the desired result is achieved.

The Chemical Solutions advantage

With our regularly maintained equipment and the years of expertise from our team, we can provide quality chemical crushing. All types of dangerous goods can be crushed. From Class 8 corrosives, Class 6 poisons, Class 5 oxidizing agents, to Class 4 flammable/spontaneously combustible and dangerous when wet solids. The versatility means that everything from gum rosin to boric acid can be used in our crushing machine. But the crushing is only part of the service. Once crushed, all chemicals can then be repackaged, in sizes that can accommodate your needs.

If you require chemical crushing services or want more information regarding if your chemicals can be reduced please contact us.