MultiBox folding IBC setup, fill and dismantle video on YouTube

Supplier: SBH Solutions By: Nigel Smalls
01 March, 2012

In order to assist with the understanding of bag-in-box intermediate bulk containment, especially as used in the MultiBox, SBH Solutions has made a detailed video and placed it on YouTube.

The video shows how easy it is to assemble the MultiBox IBC (Intermediate Bulk Container) from folded, and particularly the fact that there is no heavy lid to take off, and no poor ergonomics involved in lifting the front and rear gates thanks to the EasyLift handles.

The video also shows a procedure for setting up a multi-ply pillow liner and then filling it, including the ease with which the attached lids are secured.

A procedure for discharge from the bottom of the container is then shown, and finally the very quick method of returning the unit to the folded position ready for storage or return to sender.

The MultiBox is available as a liquid IBC, and for as few as a 40' shipping container quantity, can be adjusted to suit a customer's process or other needs.  This can include corporatising with plaques or coloured plastic panels.  It is also available as a dry goods unit for use with powders or cereals.

The MultiBox is just one of a range of pallet footprint containers available from SBH Solutions.

MultiBox IBC set up, fill, discharge and fold