New and innovative range of FLIR thermal imaging cameras now available

10 April, 2014

Available now from Pyrosales, the FLIR Ex-Seriesof point-and-shoot thermal imaging cameras come with groundbreaking, patented technology.

Multi Spectral Dynamic Imaging (MSX) is a combination of thermal and visual images that provide the user with clearer images than other thermal imaging cameras on the market. Cameras start at just $1398 making them an affordable replacement for a spot pyrometer.

The affordability of the FLIR Ex-Series range of thermal imaging cameras has opened the market to a broad range of users. Electricians, builders, universities, metal processors, aerospace technicians, steel producers, veterinary science, podiatry – the list goes on.

The Ex-Series consists of 4 cameras in the range with varying image quality, ranging from 80x60 pixels, up to 320x240 pixels. Capable of measuring temperatures up to 250°C, FLIR thermal imaging cameras from Pyrosales are available now.

Monash University – Engineering Materials Department use their E5 for many applications where temperature measurement is required. When machining or drilling a certain material, the FLIR camera is used to monitor temperatures, as well as during the melting of various materials.

The EX-Series range of FLIR cameras from Pyrosales provides excellent features at an affordable price. Previously priced out of the market, many customers now have access to advanced technology with the introduction of the Ex-Series of thermal imaging cameras.