New best-in-class inkjet technology kicks off Auspack Plus

Supplier: Matthews Australasia
07 May, 2013

With Auspack PLUS 2013 beginning Tuesday May 7, Matthews Australasia has released the Viacode L-Series High Resolution Printer in Australia.

This coder, the next generation of industrial inkjet technology available from Matthews, uses the patented Lexmark delivery system (with unique drop-delivery). The technology offers improved reliability, features and performance over existing thermal inkjet technologies and is the only coding solution in the Australian market with this system.

Trent Munro, Matthews' product manager for all coding technologies, said: "Optimised drop control gives the high-speed L-Series exceptional print quality, and a large range of industrial inks suits it to almost any substrate — both porous and non-porous." 

Matthews' future-proofed, integrated, highly flexible next generation in thermal inkjet coding technology (TIJ) can print up to 480m/min with exceptional print quality on both porous and non-porous surfaces, due to optimised drop control.

Munro said the L-Series print-heads performed in a wide range of challenging packaging and industrial environments.

Future proofing

The system's scalability means the Viacode L-Series can grow as a manufacturer's coding requirements grow.

"Further features can be easily added as they are needed, so manufacturers only need to purchase the core system once then adjust the options to meet their changing needs," Munro said.

"For example; if the initial need is for a 12mm high font, manufacturers would use the L12 print-head — this codes up to 12.7mm high. If that changes to 20mm, the L25 head is used - it codes to 25mm high - while the L50 codes to 50mm tall."

Easy to use

The Viacode L-Series can print alphanumeric text, barcodes and graphics, as well as TrueType fonts, scalable from 1.98mm (5/64") to 162.56cm (64").

The Viacode controller can manage multiple production lines and print-head groups from a single interface.

The controller has 7", 12" and 15" touch-screen displays, and an EZ Touch user interface allows for simple and intuitive message creation and selection. Images can be displayed for each production line.

The Viacode L-Series integrates with Matthews own iDSnet enterprise-wide software solutions, making integration with ERP, MRP and WMS systems effortless.

Originally published on the Matthews blog