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New generation glove improves miner’s safety

Supplier: Ansell Industrial Healthcare
18 May, 2015

Hand injuries have been dramatically reduced at Byrnecut Mining’s operations in Western Australia using Ansell's HyFlex®11-840 new generation general purpose safety glove.

Ansell was invited to the site to see first-hand how the HyFlex® 11-840s have made a difference to 230 on site workers and our cameras were granted rare access to the underground mine. 

An increasing rate of hand injuries, including some serious injuries which resulted in absences from work for up to three months, was the catalyst for a review of Byrnecut Mining’s hand protection program and glove policy and the subsequent introduction of the HyFlex® 11-840.

The HyFlex® 11-840 delivers EN Cut Level 2 protection and features a durable Fortix™ nitrile palm coating that provides advanced abrasion protection. The breathable liner is a form fitting design that molds to the hand for increased tactility and comfort.

The manual tasks carried out by mechanical fitters and service crews at the Gwalia Gold Mine present a constant source of hand hazards.

Service crewman undertake a variety of tasks including installing services, moving pump lines and lifting and hanging ventilation duct work. A good glove is critical for these types of tasks, because without them hand injuries are very common.

In this tough environment, tasks in the maintenance department are tough on gloves. When grease and oil coat the gloves they can cease be effective and operators’ hands can slip off tools.

A site Maintenance Supervisor also cited durability as a major issue: “Gloves have to be replaced fairly regularly to maintain grip. Durability is a major issue for gloves under these conditions as a 12 hour shift deposits a lot of dirt, grit and grease onto the surface of a glove.

By contrast, the 11-840 glove’s durability means that they last longer as they can be wiped clean and reused, rather than replaced, which also represents cost-savings.

“Comfort is a major factor in encouraging people to keep gloves on their hands. If a glove is not comfortable our people tend not to wear it,” he said.

“They make my job a lot easier and are so comfortable you don’t feel as if you’re wearing gloves at all. They are such a good fit, they feel like a second skin,” said an underground service crewman.

"The new Ansell 11-840 glove certainly has better grip than those we have been wearing before. We can hold on to our tools a lot more easily, as well as our fasteners, nuts and bolts. You feel safer and more confident using these gloves,” he said.

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Byrnecut Mining’s operations at the Gwalia Gold Mine in Western Australia