New safety activation laser sensor

Supplier: DMF International
01 June, 2011

DMF has released the new safety laser sensor for high speed roll doors

High speed roll doors are used for climate control and security, and will always require a satisfactory level of safety.  

This is to protect personnel using the door, but also consideration must be given to protect the door itself, since it is a extremely valuable investment.

DMF International offers a completely new and patented technology system, known as the EFA-SCAN, designed and supplied by their principal, Efaflex. This is the first laser scanner worldwide to be used on a door, and carries the tasks of activation and safety better than any other technology on the market. Innovation by EFAFLEX covers the complete area in front of the door without missing anything, and, using intelligent direction recognition, it is far more reliable than any other technology.

Complex software algorithms prevent opening during rain, snow and extraneous light, and therefore the EFA-SCAN is one of the few laser scanners which is also suitable for being installed outdoors. Emitting 16000 signals per second, the laser technology guarantees a split-second opening of your door, and this area of sensing is adjustable and can extend for almost 10m x 10m in front of the doorway.

Relating to the photo, the green area represents the safe area where any movement will keep the door open. The orange area is the activation area and can determine the direction of movement of traffic, so that only movement towards the door will activate the door. These zones are fully adjustable by simple programming, and the result is that the chances of the door being impacted by a forklift, or your personnel being injured, is reduced significantly.

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