Pallet dispenser prevents pallet damage

Supplier: Safetech
28 November, 2011

McKey Distribution are the principal distributor for McDonald’s restaurants in Australia; they are specialists in multi temperature distribution and cold chain management.


McKeys distribution centres have high throughput of palletised goods. Operators use powered pallet trucks to drop off and pick up pallets in order picking areas

The Problem

McKeys old pallet dispenser was unreliable and damaged pallets because it used a clamping method to grip the empty pallets before storing or dispensing them.

Product Chosen

Safetech Hook Tyne dispenser

Benefits of this product

The hook tyne pallet dispenser incorporates four swing in hook tynes, mounted to a hopper that raises and lowers with the pallet stack. This design gently lifts the pallets from the tyne entry point and is specifically designed to minimise pallet damage.


The alternative was to purchase another clamp style dispenser which would have continued to damage pallets. It was also important that the pallet dispenser have a proven track record with established customer support.