Peristaltic Hose Pumps Go Through The Roof

Supplier: Global Pumps
18 May, 2015

Verder’s peristaltic pumps are being used in unusual industries.

For example, in the UK, Verder have supplied a prominent manufacturer of clay roof tiles with peristaltic hose pumps. During production, roof tiles are treated with coatings that provide colour and protection from the weather. These coatings are applied by spray and are now pumped through the spray system using a Verderflex VF25.

Verder consulted with the roof tile manufacturer’s engineering team to determine the optimal pump for the job. The major concerns of the engineering team were related to pump durability and compatibility with the fluid being sprayed on the tiles.

The pigment used to colour the tiles was abrasive and there were concerns over the wear that this would cause to the pump’s tube. Luckily, due to the nature of peristalsis, tube wear is primarily caused by the number of compressions it undergoes and not by abrasive particles within the process fluid. A shoe attached to a rotor within the pump compresses the tube, making a seal that travels along the tube as the rotor moves, drawing liquid in from the input and forcing it out of the pump’s discharge.

Although many other pumps would suffer from wear due to abrasion, Verder’s peristaltic hose pumps provide an ideal solution to pumping abrasive fluids. In the event of wear due to compression, the low cost hose is the only part to be replaced, lowering maintenance and running costs.

Prior to the application of pigment, the tiles must be cleaned by an acid etching, so that the pigment will adhere. This process consists of immersing the tiles in a bath of acid that is being recirculated through a pump. Etching releases abrasive particles into the acid, such that the pump used for recirculation must be resistant to abrasive containing strong acids.

Verder’s air operated diaphragm pumps made from PTFE were recommended for this job. Constructed from 100% PTFE, the pump is both chemically inert and highly resistant to both abrasion and corrosion. Designed to be robust, the diaphragms themselves are over engineered and can be further modified to provide lead protection. Additionally, a diaphragm rupture sensor can be installed.

Verder made such a positive impression by solving the challenges associated with pigment application they have standardised their tile painting process using the Verderair VA25 diaphragm pump. It was chosen to provide unmatched reliability and performance in handling the paint.

Verderair’s air-operated diaphragm pumps feature the advanced response air-valves that reduce waste. This translates into huge customer benefits over the total life of the pump, reducing compressed air cost, and pumping more fluid per stroke.

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