Plumbers’ choice for utility cut repair, trench repair, asphalt repair

Supplier: Road Construction Products
06 March, 2017

Every asphalt cut, whether it involves a trench for a pipe or cable, or smaller keyhole opening, requires professional patching to maintain the structural integrity of the pavement.

Quality Pavement Repair (QPR) is the repair solution of choice for plumbers who want to finish the job right.

Made in Australia, this ready-to-use asphalt material consists of a specially-formulated permanent asphalt mix that ensures a utility patch or trench repair performs comparably to the pavement that surrounds it.

For plumbers replacing and repairing underground utilities, QPR is the best-practise solution for a professional utility cut repair that is permanent and will never need re-working.

With QPR, no tack coat or preparation is required, which means the utility cut repair can be completed in a timely manner without compromising quality.

Plumbers use ready-made QPR for:

  • utility cut repairs
  • trench repairs
  • septic trench repairs
  • stormwater line repairs
  • asphalt repairs

QPR is available in easy-lift 15KG bags and resealable pails, and also 22.7KG bags, that can be stored in the back of a ute or work vehicle, and moved easily to site when utility cut and trench repairs are required. Click here for pricing.

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