Positively easy POS system switch

Supplier: Bepoz By: Vectron POS
08 May, 2013

Vectron's POS software can be installed on existing compatible hardware, with our convenient subscription based payment plans, which includes upgrades, expert technical support (+ 24/7 emergency support) and online software training videos, switching to Vectron is easier than ever before.

All the trimmings with zero upfront fees under one roof; quality and value don't get better than this.

We know the complexities of running a hotel and the many ways to run a hospitality venue. At Vectron, we understand this and work with each venue individually to cater to the specific requirements right from Point of Sale and Venue Surveillance to Beverage Monitoring and Digital Signage. What’s more, all our systems talk to each other so you get one consolidated solution from one provider.

Simple and logical to use, Vectron's Hotel POS lets you design your own reports and have them automatically emailed to you or your managers. All stock movement, staff activity and cash flow data from each till is also available in real time, instantly alerting management to any incidents or discrepancies when they happen. The system expertly interfaces with Time & Attendance, Gaming, Paging, CCTV, Accounting software and Accommodation systems, leaving no room for disconnect between any areas of your operation.

The Hotel POS solution can run on existing compatible hardware and with our subscription based payment plan which covers upgrades and 24/7 support , it's easier than ever before to ‘switch’ to Vectron. Add to that, anytime access to On-Line Training Videos for step by step help on Software modules.

The hotel industry has faced some tough times and you need a system that is proven, efficient and reliable. At Vectron, we have mastered stock control, multi venue accessibility, marketing and promotional activities and more importantly, accountability. Our system addresses and excels in all the operational must-haves for today’s pubs and hotels; it's no surprise we have had a long lasting partnership with Central Queensland Hotels Group.

"Our switch to Vectron has been a very beneficial decision. The Marketing module is exceptional and managing staff has become much easier; less time spent back of house and more time on the floor!"
– Anthony Fargas, Managing Director of Central Queensland Hotels Group.

Vectron's Hotel POS was designed as a result of collaboration between hoteliers and system designers; this is truly a system for the hoteliers, by the hoteliers and you have the security of knowing that every feature you need has been catered for, tried and thoroughly tested.