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Powered adjustable height conveyor system provides turnkey solution

Supplier: Australis Engineering By: Peter Gustafson
29 January, 2010

Australis Engineering was given the task of designing and manufacturing seven belt conveyors, and an adjustable product position conveyor lift system, to allow for a powered height adjustment to a conveyor line.


Donaldson Filtration Solutions is a leading Australian manufacturer of automotive filters. In continuing to improve its manufacturing process, Donaldson commenced a project to update one of their filter manufacturing lines at Wyong on the Central Coast of NSW.

Part of this line upgrade required the design and installation of a powered adjustable height conveyor line to allow for easy assembly of the wide variation in filter types and in particular the height difference of each filter.

The system had to have the following attributes:

  • The system must be extremely cost effective and easy to operate.
  • All conveyors to have adjustable speed such that the system can be set up for different products.
  • The system was designed using sensors, so that very little, if any, adjustments other than speed are necessary for the different height and diameter products conveyed on the production line.
  • The lifting system had to have a range of 750 mm of lift, and allow the 16 meters of conveyor to be lifted from a working height of 200 mm to a working height of 950 mm quickly and easily.
  • An adjustable mechanism to quickly and accurately position the filters on a conveyor for an assembly process.


Australis provided a turnkey conveyor solution that was cost effective, and simple to operate, whilst  allowing trouble free changes to the conveyor line speeds and conveyor working heights.

Australis Engineering's design solution provided the following outcomes: designed, and manufactured seven powered belt conveyors and a gravity roller conveyor ranging in length from 1 meter up to 6.5 meters; a custom powered lifting system that facilitates the height adjustment of a 15 meter length of powered belt conveyors, from a working height of 200 millimetres to a working height of 950 millimetres quickly and easily; and an adjustable pneumatically actuated flap gate, which accurately positions the filter for the assembly process


A key element of the Australis Engineering solution has been the use of the mechanical conveyor lift system. This system incorporates the use of multiple electric linear actuators, as well as a wire rope lift mechanism to raise and lower the conveyors quickly and effectively.