Printing Colour Consistently and Reliably

Supplier: Ching Teng Enterprise Co., Ltd.
25 December, 2018

Colour discrepancy is the most common print quality issue in the printing industry. Even if the same colour is printed on the same material, there may be a slight difference at each print.

The causes can be connected to various factors, such as the ink density, printing pressure, substrate or labour operation…etc.

With our colour management system, we are able to display good colour quality in different substrates and keeping colour consistent across different printing processing. 

  • Alwan ColorHub

Enables printers to improve colour match, print quality and productivity.

Standardized output PDF colorspace

Optimized colour separation

Enhanced colours

Spots simulated with process builds

Proof to press match

  • PressSIGN's Evaluate System

To ensure that the operator is always achieving the closest colour match to the press target whatever the ink, paper or press environment, each new job pressSIGN recalculates the correct density adjustment based on the current conditions that help improve press and operator performance by identifying issues with waste and quality and reduce make-read & preparation time and increase print quality.  

  • X-rite Spectrophotometer

To accurately and consistently measure ink density, dot area and dot gain for high quality printing in each lot.

  • Germany EyeC Inspection System

With a dedicated camera lens that is able to complete comparison of each label exactly like the proofs to ensure that the contents of the printed labels without stains, damage and consistent with your artwork. The label inspection system Performs a 100% print inspection before delivery to ensure the design, production of high quality, error-free labels.

Ching Teng can assist you to create the best quality labels that demonstrate the good quality of your products.  For a no obligation free quote please contact us.