Restoration & renovation: why dry ice cleaning?

Supplier: Cryonomic
15 October, 2012

Dry ice cleaning is rapidly becoming the preferred process for property restoration and is successfully being applied in a wide variety of applications in the construction industry.

Examples can be found in: Fire restoration: removing smoke deposit or fire damage (from wood, metal, masonry,electrical appliances, glass, tiles and walls, machinery and equipment, etc.), façade cleaning: removing traffic pollution, graffit, dirt, weathering, water stains, mildew, vegetation stains, etc; historic and Listed building restoration; monument restoration: statues, frescos, etc; flood and water damage restoration and mold remediation; asbestos removal and decontamination; chewing gum removal; cleaning construction machinery and equipment (e.g. Bitumen road surfacing equipment); and paint/varnish-stripping of wood: chalets, floors, ceilings, etc.

Reasons for choosing dry ice cleaning include: A method significantly faster and more efficient compared to any other cleaning system;Dry and non-abrasive cleaning. Absolutely no wear to cleaned surfaces increasing the life of all cleaned objects; guarantee of fast and high quality cleaning results; and ecological & economic: dry ice leaves no trace and does not create any additional waste to be processed.


“The speed is really impressive compared to conventional methods ...CRYONOMIC machines clean faster, more economical and have never let us down.”

Mr. T, General Manager - Fire Restoration Company.

“I see two major benefits of dry ice cleaning: it preserves building materials better and cleans more thoroughly. The speed is really impressive compared to conventional methods and this allows us to restore the contaminated building faster. This is greatly appreciated by insurance companies because substantial cost savings are evident.

We have used other methods before but from our experience CRYONOMIC-machines clean faster, are more economical and have never let us down.”

Mr. F, Sales Manager – Construction Equipment Rental Business.

“Our rental customers require our equipment to be in impeccable condition. Before we used several methods to get the equipment cleaned. Depending on what we had to remove we used wire brushing, pressure washing, and detergents depending on what we had to remove. An awful mess and extremely time consuming with sometimes frustrating results.

Using CRYONOMIC has turned a tedious job into a laugh.“

Mr. H., Regional Product Manager - Industrial Cleaning Contractor.

“We have recently been awarded a contract with the city council to conduct regular dry ice cleaning in the main shopping zone to remove impacted chewing gum and to remove bird droppings from statues and public buildings.

The council is of course very sensitive to the ecological advantages of dry ice cleaning, but the speed of the process is equally important not only in meeting their budgetary controls but also in not causing any undue obstruction to shoppers or traders. The restoration of a public warehouse is currently under study. We have renovated several listed properties in the private sector and are getting more assignments from new and existing industrial clients as our dry ice cleaning activities are getting known. Interest in this relatively innovative and ecological process is definitely growing. Working with CRYONOMIC provides us with excellent support to get the maximum benefits out of it”.