Revolutionary new belt cleaning system: 3 dimensional and diagonal

A newly invented Primary and Secondary Conveyor Belt Scraper System is making headlines in Germany.

A German mining engineer, with more than 35 years' experience in underground mining, has invented a brand new design of scrapers. This is a very different way of thinking in conveyor belt cleaning as well as material handling on conveyor belts. He designed and engineered the belt scraper giving conveyor belts extended life.

His invention extended the belts' life up to nine years in underground coal mining which is, in comparison to other mines in Germany with similar conditions, up to two to five years longer. With his observation he came to the conclusion that the most important thing is to keep a belt clean as long as possible, smooth and damage free, because this saves a lot of money.

The next issue is the transfer station and how the material flow is handled from one belt to the next. If it is as smooth as possible the damage of the belt is reduced and a smooth surface gives a good cleaning result. His system is unique. His inventions are all based on diagonal and three dimensional theories. The primary scraper which is placed on the front pulley works in three-dimensional ways around the pulley below the discharge zone.

Especially designed assembling kits, placed left and right on the outside of the pulley, hold the scraper with a tension of sometimes up to 500kp using one, two or sometimes four gas tensioners. The scraper has hardened metal elements vulcanised in flexible rubber. Each element is just 5cm wide and slightly overlapping to have the effect of bending a hardened metal edge around a drum with a pressure of maximum 3 to 5kg on the belt to scrapes up to 90 per cent of the adheased material off.

The biggest advantage, in comparison to conventional scrapers, is that this scraper has the same amount of pressure evenly on the pulley. If there is a belt joiner or damage in the belt, the scraper jumps over this part and adjust itself straight away to its usual position. Even when the belts wear in the middle, creating a hollow in the profile, the scraper is able to clean the belt evenly.

This scraper is nearly maintenance-free and based on the test and production runs in Germany it lasts much longer than parallel scraper systems, which are pressing onto the pulley and having the problems to deal with belt damage and/or belt joiner.

The secondary scraper is placed a small distance, shortly behind the pulley underneath the belt to scrape off the last 5 to 10 per cent of the residue. The scraper has smaller elements which are overlapping, which are tensioned with springs underneath against the belt.

The scrapers are made in Germany at IBS Mining and Tunnelling ( - a company with a long-time experience in mining equipment.

Australian Belt Cleaning, based in Sydney, is the sole importer for Australia and New Zealand for this unique system.

The video on their website displays how the scraper works.