Romheld to market Suhner spindles

Supplier: Romheld Automation
04 July, 2013

Romheld Automation has been appointed by Suhner Australia to distribute the Suhner 'Automation Expert' range of products, which includes milling, drilling and tapping spindles.

Swiss made Suhner spindles are fully self contained units designed to be used where traditional machinery is unavailable or not economical.

The spindle range includes drilling, tapping and milling spindles, with varying levels of motion and control. Most of the drilling and tapping spindles are fully self contained with motor, feed and various peck options available.

Standard drilling spindles are available in capacities from Ø3mm to Ø28 (in mild steel). Standard tapping spindles can handle up to M30.

Milling spindles from the LCA (Low Cost Automation) range are available with motors from 1.5 - 5.5kW with a wide range of speeds and toolholding options. Considerably larger spindles are also available.