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Stacker-reclaimer has rails re-levelled with structural resin

Supplier: Mainmark
22 September, 2011

At typical iron ore and coal handling plants, stacker-reclaimers are subjected to large static and dynamic machine loadings.

Many mines suffer loss of ground support from a variety of weather conditions.

To ensure continuous safe operations, re-levelling of rails and stabilising machine foundations are of paramount importance.

Such geotechnical challenges are overcome by the ground improvement and stabilisation method provided by Uretek Ground Engineering, a company whose growing portfolio in the mining sector across Australia is testament to the company’s technical skill and the suitability of engineered structural resins.

In the Pilbara, Uretek strengthened the ground up to 6 metres deep and lifted 150mm thick concrete rail index machine slabs servicing 2 kilometre-long ore trains. According to Project Manager David Long of Uretek’s WA office, the method has been used to strengthen weak strata at a depth of 14 metres or more.

"Our engineered structural resin material is inert and will not leach into ground water nor affect the environment," said Long.

"The big benefit for clients is saving both time lost from production and the cost of replacement of slabs and structural elements, because the Uretek deep injection technology is quickly pumped from our rigs and very effective in re-levelling stacker-reclaimer rails, etc plus ground stabilisation," he said.

From the Pilbara to the Hunter Valley, Uretek has a team of eight Engineering Project Managers servicing the mining sector.

For more information 1800 623 312 or visit Uretek's website