STS Safetech Tieman Solutions: a 'complementary' new joint venture

Supplier: Safetech
03 September, 2013

Sixty years ago in a backyard of a baby boomer in the northern fringes of Melbourne, an iconic industrial company began life.

An entrepreneurial Neil Tieman turned his trade skills into a growing enterprise supplying tanks, vats and stainless steel tankers to Australian business. In 1972 Tieman Industries expanded into the emerging materials handling industry and very quickly established itself again as a market leader.

30 years after Neil had started his corporate success story a second materials handling company was born. This time the location was regional Victoria. Safetech started from a simple concept designed to prevent injury in workplaces and subsequently grew into the first regional Victorian company to win the National Telstra Business of the Year award.

These 2 companies became fierce competitors in the Australian industrial lifting market. For many years they were the source of heartburn and anguish to each other but along the way a mutual respect was created.  They recognised in the other strong core values and design and manufacturing excellence – worthy opponents.

In 2013 an exciting new joint venture has arrived in the form of a merged Safetech and Tieman Materials Handling – STS Safetech Tieman Solutions.

STS will be headquartered east of Melbourne with sales offices in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth. It maintains an experienced team of seven design engineers who have built lifting equipment for all industries and all major Australian companies. Design and manufacturing facilities in Victoria are complimented by partnerships in the US, Thailand and China – providing high quality products at the most efficient pricing.

The STS range includes Australia's largest array of dock equipment, freight hoists, pallet handling equipment, workstation cranes and scissor lifts. Recent custom scissor lift projects include two of the largest scissors ever built in Australia – the 25 tonne, 14 x 7m platform truck lifts for the Melbourne Emporium as well as multiple large lifting solutions for Australia's premier miners.

When you shop at Coles, Woolworths, Aldi, K Mart, Target or almost any store in Australia the chances are that your purchase will have passed over dock equipment from STS.

Complementary strengths and weaknesses

This new company inherits the strengths and pedigree of its two founding family companies and a drive to excel as the undisputed market leader in the Australian dock products and lifting market.

One company's strengths complemented the other's weaknesses: where Tieman were strong in direct sales Safetech were lacking; Safetech's focus on engineering delivers STS an enviable engineering resource that has proven itself with the recent design build and installation of the Emporium scissor lifts; Tieman's market share and its established, long term relationships with major Australian retailers and builders provides a platform for growth as does the Safetech distributor network; Safetech has developed a strong web presence and web lead generation; both companies have long and trusted international partnerships that offer both product and manufacturing sourcing.

The new joint venture company has an extensive array of market leading products and the best engineering design team working in the Australian lifting solutions market. It has an experienced national sales force, skilled manufacturing workers and strong management.

STS is a company designed from the ground up to serve the future needs of Australian industry. It has scale, skills, supply options and a focus on the customer at its heart. STS is open for business.

What has changed?

Nothing – and everything. Customers and distributors still have access to the products and services they have purchased previously but added to these are more products, stronger engineering, more efficient manufacturing and sourcing and more opportunities for a total lifting, materials handling and dock solutions package.

Will prices rise?

Over time the company aims to reduce its cost base through scale and sharing of design and purchasing knowledge. Together they have more supplier partners and better access to international partners. Customers should see little change in pricing. In some product lines it is hoped that retail prices will be reduced.

Is STS a secure company to deal with?

Yes. The new joint venture is secure and well resourced.

Who will I be dealing with?

In most case exactly the same people you are dealing with now. The sales team remains the same as do the installers and most of the administration staff.

Who will provide after sales support to the products, both emergency breakdown and planned preventative maintenance?

STS will work closely with Tieman Mobile Service in providing after sales support for all products.

Who do I contact with service: STS or Tieman?

If it is during the warranty period, contact STS. If however it is outside of the warranty period and normal breakdown or planned service is needed then you can contact Tieman Mobile Service, STS directly or your distributor.

Who do I speak to if I have any queries?

You can speak to your sales contact or to Tony Krlevski, national sale manager, or to Lindsay Wakefield, managing director.

Why was STS created?

The past ten years has seen an enormous structural change in Australian industry and the world economy. It has become apparent that scale and critical mass are vital if companies are to prosper long term. STS aims to become the obvious first choice for dock products, lifting solutions, freight hoists, pallet handling equipment and many other products in the Australian market.

As the new and leading force in Australian lifting solutions STS has the size and skills to serve the diverse Australian customer base. From supplying the major retail chains with quality, modern dock solutions to designing and building specialised handling equipment for the resource industry in the Pilbara there is no other company with a similar depth of talent and experience in Australia.

As discussions about a joint venture progressed it became increasingly obvious that the match between Tieman Materials Handling and Safetech was ideal.