Suhner Abrasive Expert pneumatic tools guarantee optimal results

Supplier: Suhner
22 April, 2014

Suhner Abrasive Expert pneumatic tools guarantee optimal results for industrial and handcraft applications, experience and expertise since 1914.

Working on air

Suhner Abrasive Expert has been focusing on the customer for a hundred years now. The quality and precision of the tools and components it develops itself enjoy international acclaim.

Suhner also sets international quality standards in the fields of specialised tools for the creation of value in industrial and handcraft applications. Its latest development is a new generation of pneumatic tools that present an extremely compact design, continuing the resounding success of the product range.

Complex grinding tasks find their optimal solution in suitable tools connected to the virtually ubiquitous compressed air supply system, whether for machine, tool, and mould cleaning and polishing; aerospace applications; foundries; or general assembly work. This demands high performance and economical air consumption, and Suhner Abrasive Expert plays its trump card in the form of the new pneumatic generation.

All new pneumatic tools feature an exhaust air guide directed to the back, combined with a safety lever valve and optimal silencer.

New pneumatic generation in detail

The compact, powerful, yet low noise angle and straight grinders are the perfect solution for work virtually free of vibrations, including de-burring and light chamfering in aircraft construction, lightweight engineering, and mould building, as well as arts and crafts.

The flexible bearing takes the fatigue out of work with formed abrasives or carbide cutters. Specially developed long neck straight grinders are ideal for sites difficult to access, especially on deep geometries. All new pneumatic tools benefit from the integrated centrifugal governor that maintains a constant working speed even under load, for less air consumption.