Suhner abrasives guarantee optimal results for industrial applications

Supplier: Suhner
22 April, 2014

Experience and expertise since 1914.

For the perfect grinding results on aluminium

Since its founding a hundred years ago now, Suhner has been focusing on custom solutions, quality, and precision. As an internationally acclaimed specialist  and provider of cost effective and efficient solutions for surface treatment, stainless and aluminium polishing, Suhner Abrasive Expert is setting quality standards all over the world in the field of specialised abrasives and equipment.

The latest development of grinding wheels perfectly matched for the most diverse applications has now addressed the complexity of aluminium machining.

Aluminium has become indispensable to many sectors, including automotive, aerospace, machine building, facade design, and above all lightweight engineering and mould making. This material presents a wealth of advantages, including high stability, optimal casting properties, low weight, corrosion resistance, and many others besides.

Yet just as complex as these solutions are that can be realised with this material, equally great are the challenges involved in machining and specifically grinding aluminium workpieces and casts.

Efficiency thanks to KFS AL type heavy-duty fibre wheels

Especially when we consider the very many machining steps that are often needed for aluminium workpieces, the optimal combination of abrasive and drive unit constitutes a key aspect for efficiency and cost control. The convincing features of the new heavy-duty fibre wheels are their particularly impressive removal rates and service lives when operating at speeds up to 8000 rpm.

Thanks to its special coating, the wheel can handle all aluminium alloys, without lubricant and without clogging. The new KFS AL type fibre wheels are available with the usual grain sizes of 36, 60, 80, and 120.

The SUN-fix quick release system represents efficiency and ease of use

One of the most important advantages of the new SUN-fix SB AL type grinding wheels from Suhner Abrasive Expert is presented by the specially developed coating, which prevents the workpiece from overheating and aluminium particles from clogging the wheel.

Also, no additional lubricant is needed for the grinding process, a key cost cutting benefit. The new SUN-fix grinding wheels for aluminium are available with the turn-on and roll-on attachment and with the usual grain sizes of 36, 60, 80, and 120.

Smooth operators: KPS AL type eccentric grinding wheels

Suhner Abrasive Expert can now offer for eccentric grinding machines a new KPS AL type six-hole grinding wheel with Velcro fastener.

These deliver an impressive performance on aluminium and are extremely robust with high edge strength. They easily withstand extreme stresses for precision work in corners and on edges. The new eccentric fibre wheels are available with the usual grain sizes of 80, 120, 150, 180, and 240.

Comprehensive range of grinding services

Suhner Abrasive Expert gives top priority to cost effectiveness and efficiency.

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