Suhner Australia focuses on stainless maintenance

Supplier: Suhner
10 May, 2016

Suhner is a market leader in Metal Finishing solutions with our combination of specialised tools, wide range of abrasives and associated consumables and, most importantly our vast international knowledge and expertise.

There is an increasing need to restore and maintain Stainless Steel and Aluminium finishes used in all sorts of products and designs:-

  • Stainless Hand Rails
  • Stainless Lift Doors and Elevator trims
  • Bollards
  • Aluminium and Stainless panels
  • Street Rubbish Bin surrounds and tops
  • Public Barbecues
  • Stainless Commercial Kitchen surfaces
  • Aluminium and Stainless Truck parts and tanker trailers
  • Hundreds of small and large Architectural features

Now Suhner has the range of products to meet these needs, ensure quick, reliable and lasting results as well as reduce maintenance times.

The Suhner A series Battery tools cover the main applications while giving a totally portable power solution.

  • ASC 9 provides the ability to clean any flat surface and reach difficult spots easily. The slow speed enables the use of Non-woven abrasives from 40mm to 80mm diameter.
  • ATC 7 is ideal to clean up tube and balustrade quickly. With just one belt – a non woven of the right grit to match the finish required – stainless and aluminium can be quickly restored to its former glory!

If it's just a clean-up in small areas that is required and it is important not to leave any 'nasty' chemical residue, Suhner has the answer!

The Suhner INOX cleaning, protecting and polishing range is a NSP approved natural product base; designed primarily for stainless and Aluminium surfaces.

SUN Clean is an amazing gel-liquid made from plant extract that is applied by hand. It can be used in conjunction with non-grit non-woven pads to clean off tea staining and other marks.

Then SUN Protect can be applied insuring that the stains do not return quickly. SUN Polish can be applied to achieve that really deep lustre where required.

Suhner INOX kit combines the SUN Clean and SUN Protect in one package with a hand applicator and instructions.