Suhner Rotoset high performance die grinding and engine porting

Supplier: Suhner
14 February, 2013

Suhner; The abrasive experts, have the right equipment for the job.

Grinding and porting valves and cylinder bores for high performance engines is a constant problem for automotive engineers. The common use of pneumatic tooling can lead to both power problems and speed issues. Suhner Rotoset can be used for a range of different sized carbide burrs and small diameter abrasives due to the variable speed from 11,000 to 25,000 Rpm.

The small tool holder with precision 6mm or ¼" collett is only 320 grams in weight. The 7mm drive shaft can be up to 2 metres long and the 1050W Rotoset machine can be hung easily, taking the 1.7kg weight of the shaft away completely. Porting needs power and also resistance to jamming and Suhner Rotoset can provide this.

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