Take your repair work with you anywhere in the warehouse

Supplier: Spacepac Industries By: Hamidreza Salarian
16 October, 2014

A good workbench has been essential to skilled trades workers for centuries, but technological advancements and innovation have turned this once stationery product into a mobile, do-it-all industrial necessity.

A well organised tool workshop can make a world of difference for any business. By lowering the time it takes for any worker to find the exact part or tool, productivity can soar immensely over the course of a single year.

However, considering there are several variables and unknowns in the distribution, manufacturing and shipping industries, businesses need a workbench that can handle whatever gets thrown at them.

The Mobile Tool Cart Station available from Spacepac is the pinnacle in workbench design, featuring tool storage, small part storage and a work surface that can take a beating.

Since the entire bench is on wheels, it can be moved anywhere in a facility with speed and efficiency, while a rubber mat access compartment makes it simple to store anything that needs to be readily on hand.

If it's needed, the workbench can easily be transformed to handle larger tools and bulky items with a lockable cupboard and shelf tray. Manufactured with a work surface made out of 40mm laminated HDF timber, the bench is a great place to affix a vice or other permanent tool.

To make it even easier to move, the workbench comes with thick aluminium pull handles, which can also be used to hang items if necessary.

Complete with five drawer storage units, workers can organise all of their tools with plastic binds and steel dividers, eliminating time spent rummaging through piles of small tools.

There is always room for improvement in any industrial facility, so if you haven't looked into switching out older workbenches for more advanced products, it may be time to do so.