Testimonial: Aqua Environmental, Australia

Supplier: Gutermann
31 March, 2015

"I'm really enjoying the correlator to be honest. It's extremely simple to set up, and allows us to quickly deploy and get a correlation done faster than our other correlators (the cables can be annoying to fit)

"The software interface is very simple to use – and has allowed for the boys I am training with it to pick up on its use a lot quicker than the other three correlators we use. Having only six main buttons is great for teaching people, they don't have to memorise complex menus or understand irrelevant sections of the software.

"For any leaks on service pipes (correlating from a fitting to a water meter) the accuracy is excellent. In most occasions the results are within 10cm of where the leak is. We've also come across a few CSL's which have been picked up through correlation. In these instances the stop tap isn't completely shutting supply and the leakage is of such small volume that the water meter isn't registering any usage.

"We are finding a lot of leaks here in Melbourne so the correlator is getting used six or seven times a day, and there are no issues. I am very impressed with the product – and if the need arose to purchase another correlator we will seriously consider another 610."

Hugh Chapman – Operations Manager

Aqua Environmental (Yarra Valley Water Leakage Contractor, Australia)