The new cutting-edge pump for water treatment – Verderflex Vantage 500

Supplier: Global Pumps By: Amos Seeley
18 November, 2016

Global Pumps, a major leading supplier of industrial pumps, enhances its product line with a state-of-the art cased drive peristaltic pump, the Verderflex Vantage 5000.

The Vantage 5000 Peristaltic Dosing Pump fills the crucial niche of dosing chemicals for water treatment and other applications. 

This peristaltic pump can provide flow rates up to 6,600 ml/min and 7 bar maximum pressure.  The flowrate exceeds that of most other brands.  This increase in production is the signature of the Verderflex Vantage 5000 and makes it a premium product of this kind that Global Pumps offers.

The Vantage achieves uniqueness through its light, ultra-modern design and its related dosing capabilities.  Firstly, it employs a precision stepper motor for dosing at a 4,096:1 speed control ratio.  In addition, dosing can be programmed for up to 30 separate projects.  This is done with an easy-to-use touchscreen interface that defines the Vantage’s cutting-edge, user-friendly operation. 

The combination of the function of the Vantage 5000, with its powerful, efficient performance, and its light, ultramodern form, distinguishes it from rival pumps.  It will be indispensable to industries such as wastewater and water applications, packaging, printing, and pharmaceuticals.

Global Pumps supplies pumps to clients throughout Australia in the chemical, food and beverage, mining, and paint, printing, and packaging industries.

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New Cutting-edge Pump Technology – Verderflex Vantage 5000