Treotham celebrates 25 years!

Supplier: Treotham Automation By: Melissa Paltoft
31 August, 2017

Founded by Mikael Paltoft in 1992, Treotham began as a very small business selling just chains and accessories out of Mikael's home garage. 

The company gradually started to expand as Mikael visited companies throughout Australia to promote his unique product range to the marketplace. At the time he didn't have a computer and was using a manual card system and pager. In 1995 he employed his first staff member and opened a warehouse in Perth, an ideal location for the then booming mining sector, and after winning some big projects, he was able to move to a bigger premises in Brookvale.

Twenty-five years later, Treotham is now a leading supplier of high quality components and products to industrial markets throughout Australia and New Zealand. Treotham currently employs 25 full time staff, and stocks more than 1000 high quality products throughout its multiple warehouses in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Auckland.

Treotham represents many of the best names in the industry including igus, PMA, Lapp Group, Wenglor, Wieland, Euchner, Kabeltec, Wittenstein, Hummel, Eupen, Chainflex and Reer. "We strive to be the market leader in the field", says Mikael. "Many of the companies we represent are world leaders". Mikael has kept a close, long term relationship with all of his suppliers, and is proud to recently be appointed by Lapp Group for their cable and connection technology.

The extensive product portfolio includes flexible cables, chainflex cables, energy chains, flexible conduits, cable accessories, safety products, sensors, position controls, bearings, gearboxes and linear units. "We supply a diverse range of products and components to a variety of industry sectors, everything from robotics to railways and food processing" says Mikael. "We are recession proof, we don't rely on any one sector".

Over the years, Treotham has worked on many big projects throughout Australia. Our igus energy chains are used for Woodside Energy, e-spools for the Opera House refurbishment for stage lighting equipment and chains and high flexible cables for BHP ship loaders. Treotham has supplied PMA conduits to all major railway car manufacturers including Bombardier, Alstom, Downer EDI and UGL. Halogen free cables are also used for baggage systems in all major airports in Australia, as well as cables for TNT and Toll Ipec depots and cargo conveyors.

As the world is becoming more automated, innovation is integral. Treotham strives to embrace new technologies and pushes the boundaries of industries best practise. "It is no longer sufficient to just sell products, you have to sell a total solution" says Mikael. "We assist our clients to find the ideal solution for the requirements, and are one of only a few companies in Australia that can offer a total solution".