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We now distribute JOBS-SACHMAN-RAMBAUDI-SIGMA milling centres

Supplier: CNC Machinery Sales Australia By: T.Sprague
07 April, 2016

High end JOBS-SACHMAN-RAMBAUDI-SIGMA milling centres from Italy are now distributed and supported Australia wide by CNC Machinery Sales Australia.

Designed and manufactured in Italy to offer high performing, cutting edge (i.e. high speed, linear motors, high power/torque), as well as highly flexible and versatile solutions. Users of these machines and systems, both in Australia and worldwide come from the following sectors: aerospace, general precision engineering, energy, moulds and dies, models and prototypes for the automotive industry and others.

JOBS offers a great variety of milling centres for the machining of medium / large-size components with complex shapes and profiles or sculptured surfaces, in tough materials such as alloy steel and titanium alloys, light alloys and composites. JOBS machines perfectly match the highest levels of productivity, flexibility, ergonomics, and sustainable environmental impact with solutions, which guarantee drastic reduction in production time, high accuracy and surface finishing quality.

A variety of highly-automated 3, 3+2, and 5 axis milling machines is available for the machining of mechanical components with volumes exceeding 3-4 m³ ensuring the possibility to alternate high torque/power spindles and high-speed motor spindles and to have a wide range of accessories for full machining automation.

The SACHMAN range has been designed to offer highly flexible and versatile solutions mainly aimed at subcontractors in general engineering, moulds and dies, energy and automotive fields. SACHMAN CNC Bed Mills are configured with a moving column along the transversal axis providing excellent rigidity. The T version has the table moving along the longitudinal X axis and the TRT version has a roto-traversing table sliding along the X axis. Various milling head options can provide machining for

3 + 2, 4 + 2, 5 or 6 Axis

Founded in 1945, RAMBAUDI has marked the history of the machine tool with its milling machines and machining centres.

Today RAMBAUDI is a major worldwide brand for the supply of high-speed machines or high-capacity removal machines and of tailored solutions for the moulds & dies and general engineering industries.

The product range includes: moving column along the cross axis (T-configuration), moving cross rail and fixed bridge.

SIGMA Italy have designed and built cutting edge machining centres since 1977, with over 4500 machining centres installed worldwide. These high level machines centres are now available Australia-wide through CNC Machinery Sales Australia.

The production program of SIGMA comprises:

  • Small (COMPACT series) and medium (LEADER series) 3-axis vertical machining centres
  • Simultaneous 5-axis (COMPACT and FELXI series) vertical machining centres
  • 3-5-6 axis palletised vertical machining centres

The three families of SIGMA products are characterised by elevated flexibility, maximum precision, power and high productivity typically required by the most advanced application fields such as: automotive, precision mechanics, medical, aeronautics, moulds and dies.

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SIGMA 5 Axis