What to consider when buying a ute mounted spot sprayer

Supplier: Graytill By: Jen Grayling
22 July, 2019

Buying a ute mounted spot sprayer is a big investment so it is essential that you buy a sprayer that meets YOUR spraying needs.

Here are the key points that we believe are essential to consider when purchasing a ute mounted spot sprayer:

  • SAFETY - safety is a key factor to consider when buying a spot sprayer. This is a piece of machinery that you will be using for many hours at a time and it needs to be safe. The SmartSpray spot sprayer from Graytill is a very safe spot sprayer.
    • The sprayer has a low profile tank for optimum stability when driving on uneven terrain.
    • The SmartSpray features tie-down and lifting points so it is quick and easy to load or bolt-on lugs for permanent mounting.
    • The SmartSpray is supplied with jack stands. The jack stands allow for loading and unloading the sprayer safely and quickly without the use of a forklift or crane.
    • The layout ensures that there is no reaching over or around hot engines to access the SmartSpray.
    • Chemical contamination has also been considered. The gun holders are drip free and there is an engine oil drain tap to ensure the oil can be safely contained when servicing the SmartSpray.
    • The SmartSpray features optimum storage with a mesh basket mounted above the reels and enough room on a standard try-back ute to store chemical drums on either side of the sprayer.
  • DURABILITY - purchasing a spot sprayer is a big investment and you want the machine to let you get on with the serious work.
    • The SmartSpray spot sprayer features a frame that is fully welded and powder coated allowing the SmartSpray to withstand a range of weather conditions.
    • The Bertolini triple diaphragm pump, driven by a Kohler 9.5hp electric start engine has proven performance and reliability.
  • EFFICIENCY - Graytill keep in mind efficiency when designing their machinery and the SmartSpray meets these criteria.
    • A 600L tank is supplied standard with ute mounted SmartSprays minimising the need to re-fill the tank.
    • Mechanically driven, remote rewind reels with up to 200m of anti-kink SmartSpray hose that can be operated from almost any direction and have plenty of power to assist the operator up steep slopes.
    • 2 nozzle 6m-9m boomless spray jet with remote solenoid covers large areas in one pass.
    • The Venturi fill and floating filter is supplied with a 7m hose allowing the tank to be refilled on the go.
  • FULLY CUSTOMISABLE - Graytill have once again proven that they are innovators of design. The SmartSpray spot sprayer can be fully customised to suit your individual spraying needs.
    • Choose from a single or twin reel sprayer or even a trailed SmartSpray
    • Increase the tank size up to 1,200L
    • Tank baffles to increase safety
    • Forklift slippers for easy loading and unloading if you have a forklift
    • 35L wash tank to sure there is clean water when spraying
    • Fire hose to adapt the SmartSpray spot sprayer to a fire-fighting sprayer
    • Upgrade to 7m-12m boomless jet
    • Diesel engine so the SmartSpray can be using in mining environments
    • 7.5m or 10m SmartSpray Boom to enable the spot sprayer to be a Boom Sprayer
    • Lifting hook to enable the SmartSpray to be loaded and unloaded using a tractor.

The ute mounted SmartSpray spot sprayer manufactured by Graytill has all the features required to increase the spraying output of any spraying operator.