Amacan: a robust & reliable submersible pump

Supplier: KSB Australia
03 February, 2011

In the fields of water and waste water technology, submersible pumps represent a viable economic and technical alternative to conventional, dry – installed pumps.

In the special case of submersible motor pumps in discharge tubes, there are significant design advantages to be considered.

For example, though they have the same hydraulic capacity as tubular casing pumps, submersible motor pumps are a good deal more compact in dimension (no longer shaft assemblies, no additional bearing locations in the discharge tube).

This means additional buildings to accommodate the electric motor are not required, as the submersible pump and integral motor are installed in the discharge tube.

More and more operators are being won over by these advantages – KSB’s Amacan pumps work in irrigation and drainage systems, waterworks, sewage treatment plants, power stations, industrial water supply, water pollution and flood control.

They handle raw and clean water (groundwater, storm water, river water) as well as waste water and activated sludge.

Where ever higher flow rates have to be handled, KSB’s Amacan submersible pumps in discharge tube design have proved their worth in a wide range of applications.

These submersible motor pumps can be optionally fitted with three different impeller types enabling them to deal with a wide variety of fluids – from grey water, which is reasonably clean, right up to waste water or activated sludge. Selecting the right impeller type for a particular application will depend upon the nature of the pumped fluid and the pumping task.

Amacan pumps are presently in service at a number of sites in Australia & New Zealand.

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