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Top Air Gun & Nozzle Suppliers

EXAIR Safety Air Guns for Compressed Air
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EXAIR's family of Safety Air Guns (VariBlast Safety Air Gun, Soft Grip Safety Air Gun, Heavy Duty Safety Air Gun and Super Blast Safety Air Gun) has always provided high quality performance for your blowoff, drying or cleaning needs.
Supplier: Compressed Air Australia
1300 787 6..
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Customers: Nestle, Rio Tinto, Alcoa, Glencore, CSR
Air Jet Nozzles | DUK
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Jet Nozzles (DUK) are ideal for installation into walls and onto rectangular and circular ducts, adjustable and fixed – made of aluminium.
Supplier: Trox Australia
(02) 8923 25..
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Customers: Lend Lease, Mirvac
Power Nozzle
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Secomak’s power nozzles are designed to complement the existing range of airknives.
Supplier: Hurll Nu-Way
03 8561 16..
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Customers: Worsley Aluminia, Origin Energy, Elgas
Guardair Safety Air Guns
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At Guardair Corporation, our number one concern is worker safety, with this focus in mind, we only manufacture safety air guns and spray equipment which meet or exceed all applicable OSHA standards.
Supplier: Knight Pneumatics
03 9503 05..
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Customers: Mondelez, Tomago Aluminium, Holden, Amcor
Hosokawa Alpine Air Jet Sieving Machines / Air Jet Sieves
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ALPINE air jet sieves - Analysis Sieving Machine for Fine-Powder Laboratory Applications.
Supplier: MARC Technologies Pty Ltd
08 9232 04..
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Customers: BHP, FMG, Anglo Gold Ashanti and Rio Tinto
Silvent Safety Air Guns | BG-007
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SILVENT BG-007: hole-blower that replaces conventional air guns when cleaning out blind holes. Clean-out of blind holes generates extremely high and dangerous noise levels.
Supplier: Spray Nozzle Engineering
(03) 9583 23..
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Safety Air Guns - Syphon Series
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The Syphon Series are designed with an overriding emphasis on operator comfort, protection, energy saving, high performance and safety.
Supplier: KPA Industrial
0418 838 4..
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Air Nozzles
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We supply Air Nozzles that are able to direct a blast of air to a particular spot.
Supplier: CAPA Industrial
08 8582 34..
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Vortec Air Nozzles
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Patented Air Amplifying Design Reduces Compressed Air Consumption. Vortec’s patented blow off nozzles and jets are all designed to substantially reduce compressed air consumption, compared to open jets.
Supplier: Adelaide Pneumatic Sales
(08)- 8358 59..
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Svenic Air Guns | Cartridge Gun
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Ovesco supplies quality Svenic Air Cartridge Guns
Price Guide: $316
Supplier: Ovesco
02 4967 16..
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Air Gun & Nozzle Insights

Find 10 Air Guns & Nozzles in Adelaide, Darwin, Melbourne, Perth & Sydney for sale on IndustrySearch Australia.

The cost of listed Air Guns & Nozzles is approximately $316.

Most popular suppliers and brands for Air Guns & Nozzles on IndustrySearch are Compressed Air Australia, Trox Australia, Hurll Nu-Way, Knight Pneumatics, MARC Technologies Pty Ltd.