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Top Building Automation Suppliers

Walk-Thru Swing Doors
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Walk-Thru doors make foot traffic flow. No more wondering whether to push or pull. Walk-Thru doors swing open in both directions. And the full-width push handles on both sides let customers push the door open, even when their hands are full.
Supplier: Carona Group
02 4702 66..
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Swingflex PVC Swing Doors | Swingflex
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Locally manufactured to size
Swingflex Doors are made from flexible PVC, and provide an efficient way to sealing doorways subject to high traffic areas.
Supplier: DMF International
1800 281 1..
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Customers: Woolworths, Coles, Dept Defence, Sanitarium
SafePass HR50-Uni Microwave Sliding & Swing Door Activation Sensor
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A high performance motion detection sensor designed for the activation of automatic sliding or swing doors the HR50-Uni features uni-directional detecting technology for reduced door "hold open" times and “turtle” mode for enhanced pedestrian safety.
Price Guide: $195
Supplier: Rotech Group
07 3205 11..
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Customers: Aldi, Shell, Defence Force, Australian Embassy
Pallet Cages Stillage Cage 1000kg Swing Door
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Stackable Stillage cage
Stackable 1000kg Stillage with swing door in stock painted blue
Price Guide: $305
Supplier: Equipment Warehouse
1800 2133..
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Customers: Supplying and supporting big and small businesses in Australia and Abroad
Electric Door Strikes FES6012
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Electric Door Strikes, FES6012 "no frills" range of door strikes are designed specifically for domestic type installations where high holding force and high degrees of security are not of major concern.
Supplier: FSH - Fire & Security Hardware
02 9700 105..
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Dormakaba Swing Doors
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Automated access solutions for smart and secure building access
Supplier: Dormakaba Australia
03 8795 02..
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Safe Building Automation
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Safe building automation of HIMA can reliably network safety-critical applications such as fire alarms, smoke detection, smoke removal and escape route signalling - and fundamentally revolutionises fire protection and evacuation management by establishing a logical and dynamic interaction between the different functions involved.
Supplier: Hima
08 9323 21..
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Building Automation | Smart Windows & Doors
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Smart Windows & Doors are developed superior technology which can be utilised in any type of window or door where glass is typically used.
Supplier: Freelance Robotics
1300 476 2..
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PVC Swing Doors
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Clear PVC Swing Doors are self closing and are ideal for many applications. They are fitted with tough resilient Plastic Sheet which can sustain impact from pallet trolleys etc.
Supplier: Austcold Industries Pty Ltd
07 3176 06..
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Automated Logic Building Automation I WebCtrl System
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A proven, industry-leading system, the WebCTRL® building automation system gives you the ability to fully understand your operations and analyze the results with tools that make sense to you.
Supplier: Automated Logic
(04) 27 398 0..
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Building Automation Insights

Find 10 Building Automation in Adelaide, Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth & Sydney for sale on IndustrySearch Australia.

The cost of listed Building Automation ranges between $195 and $305, averaging at $250.

Most popular suppliers and brands for Building Automation on IndustrySearch are Carona Group, DMF International, Rotech Group, Equipment Warehouse.