Case study: Hazardous heating in plastic drums

Supplier: SBH Solutions By: Nigel Smalls
28 May, 2010

Sometimes hazardous area heating involves using plastic drums.

There are limited options for this type of heating in plastic in any form. However, customers are waking up to the use of the Faratherm Induction Base Heater, and the Inteliheat drum jacket.

One such need at the Reckitt Benckiser Aerosol Plant resulted in a decision to use the Faratherm because of its flexibility being able to handle a variety of drum sizes. Another application for Acetic Acid at the Royal Australian Mint better suited the use of Inteliheat for 205 litre plastic drums.

Although neither of these heating products has a thermostat due to electrical limitations in Zones 1&2, both  have self-limiting properties. SBH Solutions can assist with advice and selection of product to suit a customer's application, backed up by LMK Thermosafe's unsurpassed technical knowledge in this specialised area.